Five Common Causes of Hip Pain

The hips are the largest weight-bearing joints in the body. These important and hard-working structures make it possible to perform many daily movements and activities, such as walking, sitting, and bending. Along with repetitive use comes the potential for injury. Therefore, hip pain is very common. How Does Hip Pain [...]

Bounce Back From Tennis Elbow!

  Lateral epicondylitis—better known as tennis elbow— is a condition in which the prominent bone and surrounding soft tissues on the outer part of the elbow become painful, usually without an identifiable trauma. More specifically, the deeper muscle of the forearm that attaches to that spot becomes squeezed by the [...]

Does running cause knee arthritis?

Stuff wears out over time as does our body.  The joint cartilage (the smooth covering over the end of a bone inside of a human joint) can wear out, too.  As a joint wears out it develops what is called degenerative joint disease, or “wear and tear arthritis”.  This is [...]

Summer Exercise Safety Part 2: Your epidermis is showing! Protect your skin

As a child, it was a lot of fun to tell my friends that their epidermis was showing. For those who did not know that I was referring to their skin, it was always a great laugh. These days my friends don’t fall for it as often, but I still [...]

Summer Exercise Safety Part 1: Nutrition and Hydration

Summer is a great time of year for exercise.  The sun is up for longer so we have more opportunity to get out and exercise during the light hours.  However, with the sun come the heat and the humidity.  This dynamic duo can be a one-two punch to an otherwise [...]

​​Numb Hands and Fingers – What could it be? Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Many people get numbness, tingling and / or pain to their hands and fingers for various reasons. There are numerous things which can cause these types of problems. One of the most common causes of these hand symptoms is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is classified as a compressive neuropathy, which [...]

Ouch! My knee hurts—it pops, locks up, and gives out. Do I have a torn meniscus?

  Knee pain is a common problem for patients who come to my office. Many factors can cause or contribute to knee pain. One of the more frequent causes is torn cartilage, such as a meniscus tear. In many cases, a torn meniscus is first noticed after an injury, such [...]

Shoulder Pain, Rotator Cuff Tears and Other Shoulder Injuries

Many people come to my office with pain in the shoulder.  It may have started after a weekend on the tennis court, after a fall from a ladder, after digging up a root ball in the garden or sometimes, with no injury at all.  We see many sports injuries like [...]

ACL Reconstruction- A Personal Journey through a Common Sports Injury

Written by Elizabeth Anne Corbello, PA-C.  Anne is a physician assistant for Peter D. Vizzi M.D specializing in Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery. Anterior cruciate ligament tears in the knee are a common sports related injury, and also one that I have experienced myself.I tore the ACL in my left knee when [...]

Total Knee Replacement: When is it time?

My patients who are potential candidates for knee replacement surgery (TKR) often ask me, “When is it time to have my knee replaced?” I usually reply, “You will tell me when it is time.” Then I sometimes get a look that says, “Well, thanks for that expert advice.”  So, what does that [...]