Winter Blues Slowing You Down?

WRITTEN BY:  Courtney B. Albritton, FNP-BC

With the colder temperatures and the shorter days during winter, it is often more tempting to park it on the couch with a warm blanket. Outdoor activities you enjoyed when it was warmer like long walks with your dog or riding bikes with your kids get easily forgotten when the chilly days take over.

We all know how great exercise is for the mind, body and soul. You look better and you feel better. So it really is a no brainer… We need to face these WINTER BLUES head on a get a move on!

Some ideas for staying active this winter:

  • Break out fun fitness DVDs that seem to just collect dust on the shelf. And in today’s age of fancy TV and computer capabilities, finding exercise programs on TV and YouTube videos on the internet is easy.
  • Create simple workout regimens at home that can easily become routine (pushups and sit-ups or lunges and squats, etc.).  You can use Google to find examples like some of our fun favorites, the superhero workouts!)
  • Joining a gym. With the New Year in full swing, there are often many membership discounts and promotions that you can take advantage of. They have flexible hours that they are open, so fitting it in your schedule is often easy. Many gyms offer a variety workout classes you’ve heard about and always have wanted to try. Child care is often available as well.
  • Find a workout buddy nearby. You will motivate each other and hold one another accountable. Plus, it is always more fun to bundle up and go for a power walk when there is good conversation to be had!

Stay active this winter. You will be glad you did.