Hip Inflammation Treatment in Lafayette, LA

Hip Inflammation Lafayette LAPainful hip inflammation is relatively common and can have multiple causes, such as osteoarthritis or bursitis, as well as a strain, sprain, fracture, or another injury involving the hip joint. The location of the symptoms can be telling. Inflammation in the inner hip or pain in the groin area may result from a bone or joint issue, while inflammation in the outer hip or pain in the buttocks may be related to a soft tissue injury, such as a sprained ligament, strained muscle, or inflamed tendon.

When to See a Physician

If mild to moderate hip inflammation does not improve with rest, stretches, heat and ice applications, and other home remedies, the next step is to consult with a physician who can provide an accurate diagnosis. Additionally, prompt medical attention is warranted if swelling, warmth, or redness develops around the hip joint, or if:

  • Intense hip pain comes on very suddenly
  • Hip pain develops after a fall or other trauma
  • The hip cannot bear any weight
  • Hip pain makes it difficult to walk or otherwise move the hip or leg
  • The hip joint appears to be deformed

How Is Hip Inflammation Treated?

Some nonsurgical treatment options for hip inflammation include:

  • Physical therapy – Targeted stretches and strengthening exercises can enhance flexibility and strength of the muscles that support the hip joint, which in turn can shift some of the burden of body weight away from the painful hip.
  • Medications – Over-the-counter pain relievers and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can be effective for managing hip inflammation. If further relief is needed, a physician may prescribe a more powerful NSAID or corticosteroid.
  • Hip joint injections – A solution containing a local anesthetic and powerful steroid medication can be injected directly into a painful hip to help reduce inflammation.

As a last resort for addressing severe or debilitating hip inflammation that does not improve with conservative treatment, a joint replacement may be considered. For instance, a surgical procedure may be suggested if osteoarthritis has severely damaged the architecture of the hip joint.

If you’d like to learn more about your treatment options for hip inflammation, you can talk with Peter D. Vizzi, MD, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and joint specialist who practices in Lafayette, Louisiana. Contact us to request an appointment today.

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