Biceps Tendon Tear

The lower portion of the biceps attaches below the elbow on the radius bone at the radial tuberosity. The radius is one of the two bones of the forearm and the biceps acts mainly to rotate the forearm for activities such as placing a screw or turning a knob. The biceps also offers strength in elbow flexion (bending.) The biceps tendon can pull off of the radial tuberosity, often necessitating surgical repair if a complete tear is encountered. This will usually give weakness to rotation of the forearm when one tries to rotate a knob or place a screw.

Delaying a repair may lead to prolonged weakness and possibly an inability to restore function because the tendon may contract over time, prohibiting eventual surgical repair. A partial tear may recover on its own and therefore the distinction between a complete and a partial tear is an important diagnostic criterion for treatment.

Depending on the severity of the injury, the discomfort associated with the injury and the expected activity after recovery, Dr. Vizzi can guide you through the treatment options for this injury including conservative, nonsurgical and surgical modalities, helping you make the right choice for your injury and desires. If surgery is needed, he uses advanced surgical techniques to address your injury. Dr. Vizzi is a leading orthopedic surgeon in Acadiana.

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