Effective Collarbone Fracture Treatment Options in Lafayette, LA, to Ensure Proper Healing

Collarbone Fracture Lafayette LAA collarbone fracture is a crack or break in the clavicle, a bone that connects the upper part of the breastbone to the shoulder blade. In many cases, a clavicular fracture results from falling onto an outstretched arm or landing squarely on the shoulder. Cyclists, skiers, snowboarders, and others who participate in sports that often involve falling are particularly susceptible to this type of injury.

What are the symptoms of a collarbone fracture?

A broken collarbone can be very painful, and the resulting pain and swelling can make it difficult to move the shoulder or raise the arm. Because the clavicle has very little overlying tissue, a collarbone fracture may be visible through the skin. In severe cases, the ends of the broken bone may break through the skin.

How is a collarbone fracture treated?

A broken clavicle can potentially mend on its own with time. However, it is essential to stabilize the broken bone to help ensure that it heals in proper alignment, and this can be challenging because an immobilizing cast cannot be placed on the collarbone due to its location in the body.

To address a relatively minor fracture in which the broken ends of the collarbone have not drifted out of place, a sling can be worn to immobilize the shoulder and arm during the healing process. To help prevent stiffness and muscle weakness, a physician may recommend performing a series of gentle range-of-motion exercises as comfort allows.

Surgery may be necessary to address a displaced collarbone fracture in which the ends of the broken bone have shifted out of position or punctured the skin, or if the clavicle has shattered into several pieces. A surgeon may place pins, plates, screws, or other hardware to restore the clavicle to its proper alignment and secure it in place as it heals.

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