Shoulder Fracture Treatment for Residents of Lafayette, LA & Surrounding Areas

Shoulder Fracture Lafayette LAA shoulder fracture is a broken or cracked collarbone (clavicle), upper arm bone (humerus), or shoulder blade (scapula). This injury typically results from a direct blow, such as a hard fall or collision. In addition to intense pain, the symptoms of a fractured shoulder may include swelling, bruising, limited range of motion, and a visible bump near the site of the broken bone.

If you believe you may have fractured your shoulder, you should see a physician right away. Peter D. Vizzi, MD, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with an office in Lafayette, Louisiana, provides a full range of conservative and surgical treatment options for shoulder conditions. To diagnose your injury, Dr. Vizzi will ask about your symptoms, perform a physical examination, and take an X-ray, which can be performed on site. A CT scan, MRI, or ultrasound can be ordered, if needed.

How is a shoulder fracture treated?

The treatment guidelines for each type of shoulder fracture can vary as follows:

  • Nondisplaced clavicle fractures – If a broken collarbone has not moved out of alignment, it may heal on its own within approximately 12 weeks. In the meantime, the affected arm can be immobilized in a sling to avoid aggravating the injury.
  • Displaced clavicle fractures – A significant separation or overlap of broken collarbone ends may require surgical repair. A small internal fixation device, such as a plate, can be surgically placed to secure the bone in position and help ensure that it will heal in proper alignment.
  • Humerus fractures – The upper arm bone can potentially break in any of three areas: near the shoulder joint (a proximal humerus fracture), between the shoulder and the elbow (a mid-shaft humerus fracture, or near the elbow joint (a distal humerus fracture). Humerus fractures can often be treated with a brace or sling. However, internal fixation surgery may be considered to address a significant bone separation or overlap.
  • Scapula fractures – A broken shoulder blade will usually heal on its own within approximately 12 weeks. In the meantime, an immobilization brace or sling can be worn to limit movement and promote proper healing.

If you have a broken shoulder bone and would like to consult with Dr. Vizzi, contact his office in Lafayette, LA, today. Dr. Vizzi can promptly evaluate your shoulder fracture and guide you through your treatment options.

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