Knee Arthritis Treatment for Residents of Lafayette, LA & Surrounding Communities

Knee Arthritis Lafayette LAOsteoarthritis can cause chronic inflammation that damages the joints throughout the body, especially the highly mobile and weight-bearing knee joint. This type of degenerative knee arthritis is very common, mainly because it often develops as a consequence of the natural aging process. If you’re being increasingly limited by knee pain, turn to Peter D. Vizzi, MD, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who offers both conservative and surgical treatment for knee arthritis. Dr. Vizzi’s practice is conveniently located in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Why is knee arthritis so painful?

Due to repetitive use and ongoing wear and tear, the smooth cartilage that cushions and lines the knee joint can gradually break down and wear away. Left exposed, the bone surfaces within the joint may begin to grind together. As knee arthritis progresses, it can cause pain and stiffness that eventually limit mobility. Oftentimes, the body’s protective response is to produce bone spurs, which are bony deposits that form along the edges of a damaged joint. While bone spurs are not a problem in and of themselves, they can sometimes press on and irritate nearby tissues, leading to further pain.

How is knee arthritis treated?

In early stages, knee arthritis can often be managed with:

  • Pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medications taken as needed
  • A regular routine of gentle stretches, strengthening exercises, and aerobic activities (swimming and water therapy can be particularly effective while minimizing the stress on the knees)
  • Weight loss, if needed, and weight maintenance thereafter
  • Bracing to support and protect the knee during certain activities
  • Injection treatments (e.g., cortisone, viscosupplements, rooster comb, PRP)

For severe knee arthritis symptoms that are interfering with daily activities, Dr. Vizzi may discuss knee replacement surgery. In general, however, Dr. Vizzi views surgery as a last resort. His goal is to help his patients find effective relief from knee pain using the most conservative approach possible.

If you’re interested in learning more, you are encouraged to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Vizzi at his office in Lafayette, LA. As an active athlete and skilled surgeon, Dr. Vizzi provides his patients with the benefit of his extensive experience when recommending treatment options for knee arthritis.

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