Knee Bursitis / Tendonitis

Many conditions can cause an inflammation around the knee joint. Bursitis and tendinitis can occur around the knee joint and are often referred to by different names depending on the structure involved. Bursitis of the hamstring tendons on the inside of the knee is called pes anserinus bursitis. Inflammation of the knee joint tendon (the patellar tendon) is referred to as patellar tendinitis or jumper’s knee. An inflammation of the bursa sac (fluid sac) in the front of the knee is referred to a prepatellar bursitis. Inflammation of the tendon of the thigh muscle that attaches to the kneecap is referred to as quadriceps tendinitis. Depending on the exact location of discomfort and the cause of the inflammatory condition, specific treatments can be localized for those particular problems. Dr Vizzi’s advanced education and ongoing training in sports medicine and athletic injuries allows for focus and cost effective treatment.

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