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A common injury among football and soccer players, a medial collateral ligament (MCL) tear usually results from a direct blow to the outer side of the knee. Peter D. Vizzi, MD, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist, provides a full range of treatments – both conservative and surgical – for MCL tears and other sports-related injuries in Lafayette, Louisiana.

What is an MCL tear?

The MCL is a thick band of tissue that runs down the inner (medical) side of the knee, spanning from the bottom of the thighbone to the top of the shinbone. The MCL stabilizes the knee joint, allowing it to rotate while preventing it from bending too far inward. The ligament fibers can become strained, partially torn, or fully torn if the knee sustains a side-bending force that causes the joint to collapse inward.

An MCL tear can cause pain and swelling on the inner side of the knee. Often, the pain worsens when the joint is bent. If the ligament is fully torn, the knee may feel unstable.

Dr. Vizzi can usually diagnose an MCL tear through a clinical evaluation. If the injury is extensive or multiple injuries are suspected, he may order an X-ray, which can be performed on site, or a CT scan or MRI.

How is an MCL tear treated?

Typically, treatment for an MCL tear begins with R.I.C.E. therapy – rest, ice applications, compression, and elevation. A knee brace can also be worn to protect and stabilize the joint as the injured ligament heals. Once the pain and swelling subside, physical therapy is usually recommended to improve knee strength, flexibility, and range of motion. Most MCL injuries heal well without surgical intervention, but if necessary, Dr. Vizzi can perform reconstruction surgery to address a completely torn ligament in complex situations.

If you decide to move forward with knee surgery, you can feel confident in Dr. Vizzi, who is skilled in utilizing the latest surgical techniques, which not only allow his patients to regain knee function and mobility more quickly after surgery, but also reduce the risk of post-surgical joint stiffness.

If you’d like to consult with Dr. Vizzi about an MCL tear or other knee injury, contact us to schedule an appointment at his office in Lafayette, LA.

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