Orthopedic Knee Surgeon Practicing in Lafayette, LA

Orthopedic Knee Surgeon Lafayette LA

Widely regarded as one of the top orthopedic knee surgeons in the Lafayette, Louisiana, area, Peter D. Vizzi, MD, provides his patients with expert and compassionate care. In addition to the knee, he treats injuries and conditions affecting the hip and shoulder joints.

Whether you recently sustained a sports-related knee injury and need an accurate diagnosis and treatment, you are searching for a non-operative solution for managing chronic knee pain, or you would like to explore knee replacement surgery and its alternatives, Dr. Vizzi will serve as your trusted advocate, providing guidance and support throughout your treatment and rehabilitation process.

What You Can Expect

During your initial consultation with Dr. Vizzi, he will thoroughly evaluate your medical history and symptoms. If you need an X-ray, it can be performed on site. After diagnosing your condition, he will help you fully understand it, discuss your lifestyle and preferences, and explain your treatment options.

Dr. Vizzi emphasizes nonsurgical treatment whenever possible, and he offers a full spectrum of the latest treatments for knee conditions. Your options may include cutting-edge conservative therapies, such as:

  • Physical therapy
  • Bracing
  • Medications
  • Injections

If you elect surgical treatment, such as knee arthroscopy, you can feel confident entrusting your care to Dr. Vizzi. An accomplished orthopedic knee surgeon, he masterfully performs advanced surgical procedures using minimally invasive and robotic-assisted techniques.

Treatment Through Experience

Proud and honored to have served the Lafayette, LA, area for more than 15 years, Dr. Vizzi is talented and skilled at his craft. He has performed thousands of successful surgical procedures and successfully treated many more patients without surgery. As an orthopedic knee surgeon who is highly regarded for both his extensive knowledge and pleasant demeanor, he regularly receives positive marks from both his patients and his peers.

To request an appointment with Dr. Vizzi, contact his office today. His practice accepts many common health insurance plans, and his friendly office staff will be pleased to help you with your insurance-related questions.

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