Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeon Peter D. Vizzi, MD, Provides Rotator Cuff Injury Treatment in Lafayette, LA

Rotator Cuff Injury Lafayette LA

The shoulder is a highly complex joint that provides the arm with a wide range of motion. However, along with this extensive mobility comes inherent instability, making the shoulder joint particularly susceptible to injuries, such as a rotator cuff tear. If you’re experiencing shoulder pain, stiffness, or muscle weakness, you are welcome to consult with Peter D. Vizzi, MD, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon. Many active individuals from Lafayette, Louisiana, as well as Broussard, St. Martinville, and other nearby areas, turn to Dr. Vizzi for the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of shoulder injuries.

A rotator cuff injury can occur suddenly through trauma or gradually through wear and tear. An accurate diagnosis and prompt treatment are important because, when left untreated, a rotator cuff tear will typically worsen with continued activity. In addition to reviewing your medical history and performing a physical examination, Dr. Vizzi may order one or more imaging studies to evaluate your rotator cuff injury (X-rays can be performed on site at Dr. Vizzi’s office, and he can order CT or MRI scans as needed).

How is a rotator cuff injury treated?

Depending on the severity of your rotator cuff injury, as well as your lifestyle and personal preferences, Dr. Vizzi can recommend an optimal treatment plan to alleviate your pain and restore your shoulder function. Some nonsurgical options include:

  • Rest and activity modifications – To minimize strain on the shoulder joint, overhead lifting should be avoided though often overhead motion may be encouraged to avoid a frozen shoulder. A sling may be worn to limit motion and protect the injury as it heals.
  • Medications – Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can be helpful for reducing painful swelling.
  • Physical therapy – Targeted stretches and exercises can enhance joint flexibility and strengthen the muscles that support the shoulder.
  • Steroid injections – A local anesthetic and cortisone medication can judiciously be injected directly at the injury site to help reduce inflammation and decrease pain.

Surgical treatment may be considered for a rotator cuff injury that does not respond sufficiently to several weeks of conservative therapy. If surgery is appropriate and you elect to proceed, you can feel confident entrusting your care to Dr. Vizzi, who is experienced in performing arthroscopy, arthroplasty, and other advanced surgical techniques to address shoulder injuries.

A rotator cuff injury warrants prompt medical attention. Contact Dr. Vizzi’s office in Lafayette, LA, to schedule your consultation today.

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