Shoulder Impingement

Impingement syndrome refers to a pinching of the soft tissues around the shoulder, most commonly the rotator cuff. In this condition the rotator cuff usually gets pinched between the ball of the shoulder joint (the humeral head) and the roof over the shoulder called the acromion. This is often cause by a strain of the muscle unit of the rotator cuff or a mismatch between the strength of the rotator cuff which are the inner muscles of the shoulder versus the larger outer muscles such as the deltoid and pectoralis musculature. Various treatment options can be used for impingement syndrome including medications, exercising and possible injection treatments. Depending on the severity of the impingement syndrome a tear may occur in an aging tendon causing a rotator cuff tear. With his advanced training in sports medicine and shoulder injuries, Dr. Vizzi can help evaluate and treat your shoulder pain in an up to date and cost effective manner. He can help you determine if conservative, non operative and/or operative intervention is necessary for your condition. If surgery is needed, he uses advanced surgical and arthroscopic techniques to address your injury. [Dr. Vizzi is board certified in Orthopedic surgery and has gained specialty training in shoulder injuries, sports medicine and arthroscopic surgery techniques, performing these procedures on a regular basis. He has over 20 years of orthopedic experience, bringing his expertise to his patients on a daily basis. As he keeps up to date with the constantly evolving treatments for shoulder injuries, he will bring this new technology to his patients. Please do not hesitate to contact the office with any questions, concerns or to schedule your appointment.]

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