Shoulder Instability

Shoulder instability refers to the situation when the ball of the shoulder joint (humeral head) no longer rotates in the center of the socket (glenoid). This problem can develop suddenly as in a shoulder dislocation. It can also develop over time as in a condition called multidirectional instability. Recurrent instability can be a painful and restrictive problem, often causing functional limitations both in sports activities and daily activities. The rotator cuff muscles help to stabilize the shoulder and can weaken when there is shoulder instability. Often times a functional rehabilitation program can help strengthen the rotator cuff muscles and stabilize the joint. Many times there is an anatomic injury that must be corrected to help keep the joint in position. With his advanced training in sports medicine and shoulder injuries, Dr. Vizzi can help evaluate and treat your shoulder pain in an up to date and cost effective manner. He can help you determine if conservative, non operative and/or operative intervention is necessary for your condition. If surgery is needed, he uses advanced surgical and arthroscopic techniques to address your injury.

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