SLAP tear

The term SLAP tear or SLAP lesion refers to a tear of the most superior (top) portion of the shoulder structure called the labrum. SLAP stands for superior labrum anterior (front) to posterior (back). The labrum is a soft tissue structure which surrounds the socket portion (glenoid) of the shoulder joint. The long head of the biceps tendon attaches to the superior labrum and is often the culprit in causing a SLAP tear. Also, the biceps tendon itself can tear. These can be a source of shoulder pain and often need to be addressed. Depending on the severity of the injury, the discomfort associated with the injury and the expected activity after recovery, Dr. Vizzi can guide you through the treatment options for this injury including conservative, nonsurgical and surgical modalities. If surgery is needed, he uses advanced surgical and arthroscopic techniques to address your injury.

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