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Sports Medicine Lafayette LASports medicine is a specialty in the field of orthopedic medicine that addresses the prevention and treatment of athletic injuries. Over the years, the field of sports medicine has evolved to encompass a greater focus on injury prevention, conservative and surgical treatment options, injury rehabilitation, and performance enhancement.

You don’t have to be an elite athlete to benefit from the expertise of a sports medicine doctor. This type of medical professional has significant training and experience in treating injured athletes of all levels. If you sustain an injury while exercising, participating in sports, or engaging in another type of physical activity, you may wish to consult with a sports medicine specialist. This type of physician can also be an excellent resource if you are interested in becoming more active.

As a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist, Peter D. Vizzi, MD, provides comprehensive medical care, including both conservative and surgical treatment options for sports-related injuries. An avid athlete himself, Dr. Vizzi understands the frustrations of being sidelined with an injury. His primary concern is the safety and well-being of his patients, and he encourages them to become well-informed participants in their care. Whenever possible, he emphasizes nonsurgical therapies over surgical treatment.

What Are Some Common Sports-Related Injuries?

As a sports medicine physician, Dr. Vizzi treats a wide range of orthopedic conditions and athletic injuries, including:

In addition to evaluating and treating sports injuries, Dr. Vizzi can also provide personalized guidance on nutrition, injury prevention, safe training and conditioning exercises, and return-to-play decisions.

When to See a Sports Medicine Specialist

Both primary care physicians and sports medicine specialists can help you manage a mild to moderate sports-related injury with rest, ice applications, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). However, as a general rule of thumb, if imaging is necessary, a specialist visit may be in order. A sports medicine specialist will generally have more focused expertise, which can be used to determine the most appropriate next steps based on the specifics of your diagnosis.

Here are five reasons to seek care from a sports medicine specialist:

  1. You have an acute injury – If you experience sudden pain, swelling, weakness, or loss of movement while exercising or playing a sport, you may have sustained an acute injury, such as a muscle strain, ligament strain, bone fracture, or joint dislocation.
  2. You have a chronic injury – Unlike an acute injury, which occurs suddenly, a chronic injury develops gradually over time, usually due to repetitive use. Some examples include stress fractures, rotator cuff tears, and tendonitis, which may cause a dull ache and swelling that persist despite rest.
  3. You are considering orthopedic surgery – If you’ve tried to address a sports-related injury with conservative treatment but did not achieve sufficient results, a sports medicine specialist who is also a board-certified orthopedic surgeon can explain your surgical treatment options.
  4. You are recovering from a sports-related injury – A sports medicine doctor can provide personalized advice to help you recover and return to activity as quickly as safely possible. In addition to stretching, strengthening, and range-of-motion exercises, some options to promote healing include hot/cold therapy, therapeutic massage, and electrical stimulation.
  5. You would like to start a new sport – The best way to treat sports-related injuries is to avoid them in the first place. A sports medicine physician can perform a physical examination to confirm that you can safely participate, suggest a conditioning program to help you get fit, and provide advice about training, equipment, and injury prevention.

Consult with Dr. Vizzi

Dr. Vizzi is committed to providing exceptional orthopedic care to all athletes, whether they are Olympians, professionals, collegiate competitors, weekend warriors, children in youth sports leagues, or individuals who are just getting started. If you were recently injured or are concerned about a chronic injury, Dr. Vizzi can evaluate your condition and discuss a plan to get you back into the game quickly and safely.

To learn more, contact Dr. Vizzi’s office in Lafayette, LA, today.

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