Knee Replacement Surgery & Conservative Alternatives for Residents of Lafayette, LA & Surrounding Areas

In many cases, knee replacement surgery can be an effective solution for addressing severe knee joint damage. Peter D. Vizzi, MD – a board-certified orthopedic surgeon serving Lafayette, Louisiana, and surrounding communities such as Breaux Bridge, Youngsville, and Broussard, – may recommend a joint replacement to address damage that occurred either gradually over time (due to arthritis) or suddenly (due to a traumatic injury such as a fracture, cartilage tear, or ligament tear). In Dr. Vizzi’s experience, however, conservative knee pain treatment is often effective enough to eliminate the need for surgery. For this reason, nonsurgical treatment is usually his first-line approach.

An early and accurate diagnosis is essential to ensure that you can achieve the best possible results from conservative treatment, which can also help you avoid knee replacement surgery. Therefore, you should promptly schedule an appointment with Dr. Vizzi at his office in Lafayette, LA, if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Severe pain in or behind your knee joint, or in your kneecap
  • An inability to bend or move your knee without pain
  • An inability to walk without pain
  • A painful popping or snapping sound in your knee during activity
  • A feeling that your knee is “giving out” while you are walking, running, jumping, or turning
  • Swelling in your knee or calf

Prior to considering knee replacement surgery, Dr. Vizzi may recommend a customized treatment plan consisting of one or more conservative options, such as medications, physical therapy and injections. In the event that nonsurgical treatment does not provide sufficient relief, the next step may be a joint replacement, which involves the surgical removal of damaged cartilage and the placement of a highly polished metal implant and a medical-grade plastic (polyethylene) spacer.

If you ultimately elect to undergo knee replacement surgery, you can feel confident in Dr. Vizzi, who is skilled and experienced in using the latest surgical repair techniques to improve joint function and enhance quality of life.

To learn more about knee replacement surgery and conservative alternatives, contact our office in Lafayette, LA, to schedule a consultation with Dr. Vizzi, an active athlete and surgeon who offers treatment through experience.

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