Triceps Tendon Tear Treatment Available in Lafayette, LA

Triceps Tendon Tear Lafayette LAThe triceps tendon connects the powerful triceps muscle at the back of the upper arm to the bony bump of the elbow. This strong and flexible band of tissue helps the triceps muscle bend and straighten the arm.

A triceps tendon tear can occur suddenly through trauma, such as when a bent arm is forcefully pulled straight. This type of injury can also develop gradually through repetitive use of the upper arm and elbow, such as pitching a baseball or hammering a nail. A triceps tendon tear may be partial or complete; the latter injury is known as a triceps tendon rupture.

What Are the Symptoms of a Triceps Tendon Tear?

A triceps tendon tear may produce:

  • Tenderness and swelling at the back of the upper arm near the point of the elbow
  • Pain when bending and straightening the arm
  • Weakness when pushing something away or doing push ups

Additionally, if the triceps tendon ruptures, an audible “popping” sound may occur, and the tendon may be unable to hold the triceps muscle firmly in place. As a result, it may be difficult or impossible to bend or straighten the arm, and a noticeable bulge may appear above the elbow.

Because triceps tendon tears are relatively uncommon and can be challenging to diagnose, it’s important to seek professional medical attention for this type of injury.

How Is a Triceps Tendon Tear Treated?

To allow a partial triceps tendon tear sufficient time to heal, it is important to avoid activities that cause or worsen pain, such as throwing sports, racquet sports, and weight lifting. A physician can suggest appropriate stretching and strengthening exercises that can be safely performed with a partial triceps tendon tear. The pain may improve with a few weeks of rest and self-care, but the injury may take several months or longer to fully heal. In the meantime, cold packs, moist heat, ice massages, and pain-relieving medications can improve comfort.

To address a triceps tendon rupture, a surgical procedure may be suggested to reattach the torn tendon to the bone.

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Peter D. Vizzi, MD, is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who practices in Lafayette, Louisiana. Dr. Vizzi provides a full range of treatment options – both conservative and surgical – for triceps tendon tears. As an avid athlete, Dr. Vizzi understands the frustration of being relegated to the sidelines with an injury, and he helps many patients find effective relief from painful musculoskeletal conditions so they can get back into the game – whatever their game might be.

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